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Carton Sealing
Semi Automatic Carton sealing Machine:
This machine is a uniform case sealer that provides economical top and bottom case sealing automation for those applications involving runs of cases of the same profile. The operator simply folds the top flaps of the corrugated carton and feeds it into the uniform case sealer. The best advantage of these machines is it has top and bottom belt drive.   Available also auto random carton sealing machine & auto uniform flap folding and carton sealer.

On-Line Carton sealing Machine.
These machines are designed to provide optimum versatility for production runs of random sizes and recommended for taping general profile cartons which is built for dependable performance to meet high protection industry diversified packaging requirements. No operator is needed. Two machines combine this system. The first machine applies a single strip tape to both the top and bottom of the carton simultaneously, following upper flaps closing automatically and the other machine is well suited for sealing four edges on top and bottom of the carton simultaneously. Both the machines are built of heavy-duty steel construction.

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